Very importand anouncement about opened PayPal Case

  • Thursday, 22nd September, 2022
  • 16:16pm

PayPal balance >


Hello everyone, as you well know, recently iHostART lost 1x/24 subnet of IPv4 and we started giving refunds to a lot of people, about 700 euros given in refunds, but we still have a lot more refunds to give to fill the hole of refunds for all those who we can no longer host because of sufficient IPv4, so because of the long waiting time some of our clients have started to open cases with paypal, we kindly ask you to wait to offer to refund everyone, and don't open cases with paypal because we will end up creating other problems, for example recently we received a lot of new cases and our balance on paypal is in the red by 950 euros

Problems fixed now



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