Downtime on STOR-1 (VPS Storage) For migrate from ZFS to LVM

  • 31st August 2023
Hello dear customers, we are in the process to migrate all VPS from ZFS partitions to LVM partitions, to permanently solve the problem related to performance and downtime, we have an ETA of about 3-4 days to complete the migration, after this time the billing period will start from the date the migration will be completed and you will get free 3 ...
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Urgent PDUs problems (8/4/2023) 5:32 PM (Bucharest time)

  • 4th August 2023

Hello everyone , unfortunately 2 PDUs were damaged due to maintenance work on our cooling plant , 2 VPS nodes (ART2 , LV7 - IPv6) + other 12-13 dedicated servers were affected

We try back all to work in next 2 hours , sorry for this unforeseen downtime

Thanks for you time


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upload problems (6/10/2023)

  • 10th June 2023

Hello everyone , recently we receive lot of reports about upload problems , we tried for fix this thing ASAP , it's our ISP fault

That happened because our ISP remove several perring with important POP's and we try add back 

Calin - C.E.O iHostART

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Orders delay (write 4/15/2023)

  • 15th April 2023
Hello dear customers , we apologize for the long delivery time of the orders,  we are waiting to be route new subnet of IPv4, we hope that this week to start delivering them, we specify that the invoice will start from the date you receive the server and you will receive free days for the waiting time.   Thanks for waiting time and ...
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