Downtime 2 hours for small upgrades on PDUs

  • 28th June 2022

Hello everyone , there will be a downtime of about 2 hours to migrate some servers from one rack to another and change some PDUs


Downtime time

Starting: 10:00 PM (romanian time)
Ending: 12:00 PM (romanian time)







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Downtime to move on new location/facility (1-2/june/2022)

  • 31st May 2022
Hello dear customers, after a long waiting time, it's time to move to the new location, on 1/June/2022 until 2/June/2022 there will be some downtimes of a few hours at certain nodes to move them in the new location   After migrating the servers we will communicate more information on a separate index about our new location. This is one of the ...
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