Very importand anouncement about opened PayPal Case

  • 22nd September 2022
PayPal balance >   Hello everyone, as you well know, recently iHostART lost 1x/24 subnet of IPv4 and we started giving refunds to a lot of people, about 700 euros given in refunds, but we still have a lot more refunds to give to fill the hole of refunds for all those who we can no longer host because of ...
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iHostART.Com recently lost 1x /24 IPv4 leased

  • 31st August 2022
Hello, recently iHostART lost a subnet of 256 IPv4, more precisely the subnet with IPs, do you have a picture with a discussion from our LIR   At the moment iHostART.Com is trying to buy IPs in its own name, 1 IPv4 costs around 30-50 euros, so any client with services below 10 euros/month ...
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Recently DDoS attack on iHostART.Com network 25/8/2022

  • 25th August 2022

Hello dear customers, sorry for this recent downtime, but in the last 36 hours I was the target of a ddos ​​attack



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Progress about data migration on new nodes

  • 22nd August 2022
Hello dear customers, on 8/22/2022 at 6:13 PM (Romania time) I finished building the new nodes for storage, I noticed an energy saving of 700w/hour the one that would have cost us approximately 300 euros/month. More update about data migrations post here in next hour================================ 8/23/2022 / 12:57 AM (romanian time)   All ...
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