iHostART.Com recently lost 1x /24 IPv4 leased

  • Wednesday, 31st August, 2022
  • 12:46pm

Hello, recently iHostART lost a subnet of 256 IPv4, more precisely the subnet with IPs 185.150.18.xxx, do you have a picture with a discussion from our LIR



At the moment iHostART.Com is trying to buy IPs in its own name, 1 IPv4 costs around 30-50 euros, so any client with services below 10 euros/month unfortunately has to give up on them, because they don't we have such a large IPv4 space to host all customers

All those who have services for a year or who have paid in advance are asked to make a ticket so that they can be offered a refund

For any question please open ticket on website or send email on [email protected]



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